Prior to or when a player shows up to their first session (placement or training), there are two important steps:

  1. Consent - the parent/guardian must provide verbal or written consent in order for SSUFC to maintain a list of your player's verified vaccination record. To store a check box showing that we have verified vaccination status, we require consent. By providing consent your player will not need to show their proof every time they come to training or games.
  2. Proof of Vaccination (see age guidelines below) - your player must bring proof of vaccination to the first session. Proof can be a hard copy or electronic copy that SSUFC will visually review and will check off that we have validated the information. Per Soccer NS guidelines, SSUFC does not require a hard copy or electronic copy to be provided to us, we just need to visually review, validate & check off that proof has been viewed.
Proof of Vaccine age guidelines:
Children and youth age 13 to 18 who can provide proof that they received one dose of vaccine can start participating in sport, recreation, arts and culture programming on or after October 4. To continue participating, they must provide proof of full vaccination by November 9 (second dose plus 14 days for it to take effect). In other words, they must get a first dose no later than September 28 and a second dose no later than October 26.
If you don’t meet the November 9 deadline, you will not be able to participate until you are able to provide proof of full vaccine (second dose plus 14 days for it to take effect). Children who turned 12 between Jan. 1 and Oct. 4 this year will have until Dec. 31 to attend events and activities while they get vaccinated. Children who turn 12 after Oct. 4 will have three months from their birthday. If they choose not to get vaccinated, they will no longer be able to participate in these events and activities once the grace period is up.